10th European Congress of Speech and Language Therapy10th European Congress of Speech and Language Therapy

Welcome Message

Dear friends and colleagues,

Over the past 30 years, our organization has represented the profession and Speech and Language Therapy professionals across Europe.

The dedication of our colleagues in this growing profession has helped our organization and all its member countries to face the challenges of our modern world. Technology, new media, economic crises, and migration all influence the quality of life and the way speech and language therapists approach their practice and their clients. We encourage all therapists to commit to practice in a way that is based on specific assessments and therapy interventions in line with the most current knowledge in science and research. This commitment, combined with lifelong learning, will allow the best possible outcomes to be achieved for people with communication, language, speech or oral-motor difficulties.

Having an awareness of cost effectiveness and evidence-based practice, qualified speech and language therapists pledge to engage in a professional way, to contribute to better communication and health in this increasingly multicultural and multilingual environment in which we live.

The next scientific Congress of the European Speech and Language organization will once again give the opportunity to professionals from around the world to show the status of the profession and their distinctive scope of specialist competences. Keeping in mind the humanity and respect for the individual, we will continue to be responsive to the developments in society and to build the future of SLT, embracing these changes and helping to maintain social sustainability. On the Portuguese Riviera in the beautiful town of Cascais, CPLOL will be happy to greet our colleagues, partners and friends for a high-quality meeting and the opportunity to exchange and liaise around our most interesting and exciting profession.

It is my privilege to invite and welcome you to our 10th Scientific Congress in the year of the 30th anniversary of CPLOL. You are a clinician, a researcher, a teacher, a student and you want to share your knowledge, get new information, exchange ideas or just enjoy being around colleagues from around the world …. come and join us in Cascais from May 10 to 12 2018 for a firework of excellence, professionalism and friendship in our community of SLTs.

Let our Congress serve as the speech and language therapy lighthouse for the next generation.


See you soon in Portugal,


Michèle Kaufmann-Meyer
President CPLOL




Dear Friends and Colleagues,

APTF, Associação Portuguesa de Terapeutas da Fala, has the honor and pleasure to welcome you at the 10th CPLOL congress, in Estoril.

In a Europe submerged in major paradigm shifts Speech and Language Therapists, face our very own. As the number of well-trained and qualified professionals grows, Speech and Language Therapy is also increasing its awareness and relevance in society, Europe and Worldwide. In order to cope with the need to excellent service quality to patients and families, it is of the outmost importance to support our intervention in a evidence based practice.

At the CPLOL’s 10th Congress, we will have the opportunity to share the latest and most relevant best practices from colleagues and institutions around the World, at a venue where science and knowledge will walk together.

Merging with CPLOL’s 10th Congress, APTF’s 40th anniversary will be celebrated with the APTF’s National Congress, allowing Portuguese colleagues to join and actively participate at CPLOL Congress.

We wish all participants excellent and productive days and we have confidence that you take with you new ideas and references for your practice.

Finally, we wish that you seize the opportunity and enjoy the glamour, calm and nature of Estoril, the perfect place to meet new and old colleagues and friends and develop relationships that will last a life time.

We are waiting for You!

Ana Tavares
APTF President

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